Where the future becomes the present

Since its inception, the mission of Overmec was to propose within the field of manufacture of faotwear and leather technology far the application of the new generation of environmentally friendly water-based adhesives. Ahead of their time, Overmec sought to impose sustainability and product quality solvent-free. We continually and stubbornly developed new technologies far the application of these adhesives: in 1996, the first manual applicators, in 2000 the first automatic machines in the 2003 programmable (CNC) number contrai machines, in 2007 the CCNO-T system far the automatic production of parts of leather goods. In subsequent years, we have given a decisive contribution to the success of high-end leather goods manufacturers and these customers have made our success. Today Overmec experience and knowledge of production processes, expertise in mechatronics and software. Research and development without rest, this is the future of Overmec.



Innovation, technology and sostainability

Sustainability of industriai production system, environmental impact of products, workplace safety and quality of the finished product. These are the topics most felt at this time in the areas of manufacturing production both in the West and in the countries of the “Emerging Economy”. Overmec distributes its technology around the world, particularly in countries where they produce leather goods and footwear of high and very high quality. Overmec, on the market since 1996, and leading manufacturer of manual, automatic and robotic far the application of adhesives. The company since its founding has been dedicateci to the research and development of systems that would allow to replace solvent-based adhesives with the new generation of environmentally friendly water-based adhesives. 



Innovative ideas and original designs

Ideas Relying on Overmec is therefore synonymous of innovative ideas and original designs, a close-knit team tested during years. Overmec, considering the various demands of the industry, has now a department specializing in the research and development of most suitable raw materials, a rigorous daily testing of the finished product and a team specialized in the continuous updating of automation software. A stable and exclusive relationship with the customer aver the years, has allowed a continuous sharing of views and alternatives far the future development of production processes, this synergy guaranteed to industry a quantum leap by reducing production costs and increasing profit margins. lmproved from the post sale assistance and the supply of originai spare parts, Overmec guarantees through a custom design ad hoc, the preservation of any product during handling, storage and transport to destination, analyzing the characteristics and identifying the packaging needs.

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